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Meet Steve

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  My name's Steve and that's me with my lovely gang.

I decided to start up Ginger Cat Studios alongside my other wedding photography work, as have felt for some time now that both studio portrait photography and natural family photography could do with a breath of fresh air.

That's where I want to change things and offer something that isn't dated, with flat lighting and toe curling cheesy poses!

Having trained for many years with lighting for television productions (before becoming a cameraman which I still do and love), I wanted to bring that knowledge across to what I want to offer at my Tunbridge Wells photography studios.

So I wanted to cater for both ends of the spectrum, fine art studio work alongside on location in the great outdoors family shoots.

Take a look through my portfolio and if you'd like to find out more about what I offer and full pricing info please drop me a message over on the contact page.




What's ginger cat's got to do with any of this?


I had a ginger cat once, he was cool.


Why dance photography in a studio setting?


Good question this. Well whilst photos of a live show are great and 'in the moment', as a photographer you are seeing what everyone else in the theatre is seeing. it's great but it's all incredibly quick and fleeting. Yes a buzz to photograph but I wanted to do something different.

Being able to freeze impossibly quick movements, capturing the shapes, textures and expressions is really fascinating. Something the naked eye can miss, and is something that interests me.


What is your photography experience?


I'm also a documentary wedding photographer as well as doing natural family photo shoots on location (no studio stuff here!). All natural, unposed and fun. I'm also a freelance television cameraman which I have done for 20 years and is something I really love doing.