Film content on a website is incredibly important to have.  Not only from an SEO point of view (Google loves video content), but also from a prospective customers point of view.

A customer wants to know about you and why you love what you do.  Good high end video not only strengthens your brand but it also gets across these key things…

  • Engages/Resonates with the viewer.
  • Tells a story.
  • Builds trust.

My film package is perfect for independent businesses, whether it is just you, or a small team, these short films tells the story of why you put every ounce of energy, love and care into what it is you do.

These are honest, from the heart films that will engage a viewer from the off.

As a television cameraman with over 25 years experience, I believe I can offer a beautiful cinematic film for your company to help you stand out from the crowd in what is an ever competitive marketplace.  I care deeply about what I do and strive to offer only the very best to my clients.

Please see some of my recent work below.

To find out more and to receive a price brochure please get in touch as it would be great to work with you.