Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes

Behind the Shot / Why I Love this Portrait


It was lovely to meet and photograph the lovely Eamonn Holmes not so long ago.

A shoot like this takes planning, permissions, access to BBC Studio’s where the session took place, and the general working out of where to set up and keeping out of the way.   The latter is always important especially in a working tv studio environment.

Luckily space wasn’t an issue and so I was able to set up in a quiet corner once This Morning had gone off air.  Eamonn is a great guy and was very generous with his time, allowing me to get a variety of shots, including some ‘down the lens’ poses as well as looking off camera.

This image was one of my favourites from the set and if you follow my work then you know that I’m more drawn to these ‘thoughtful’ poses.

I’m not going to get too technical in this post, but essentially I try not to bog myself down with kit on portrait shoots like this.  So a single softbox and a backdrop worked perfectly in the look I wanted to achieve.  Keeping it simple means the more focused and relaxed you are when it comes to the shoot itself.

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