Robbie Savage

Robbie Savage

Behind the Shot / Why I Love this Portrait


Robbie Savage along with many other sports personalities has been filmed and photographed since forever.

When I go to photograph a portrait of someone like Robbie, first and foremost in my mind is to try and do something different and to provide him with imagery that he’s not had before.

Now some photographers could argue this is a risky tactic by not playing it safe, but I would counter that by saying that if we all shot and lit in the same way, portrait photography would eventually become very boring to look at.

Robbie Savage has had an extensive football career for both club and country and is now a well known radio and tv pundit.  As a portrait photographer you only get a few minutes with busy folk like Robbie, so it’s really important to have a game plan in advance of what you want to achieve from the shoot.

Having said that you can’t plan everything and sometimes you’ll get a shot that just works, and on occasion the unplanned ones are the keepers.  I felt Robbie had a great pensive look here which I really liked, and think that the contrasty black and white edit works perfectly with where I positioned the light source.

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