Snooker Legends

the ongoing project

Sometimes photo projects and ideas just spring out of nowhere, opportunities present themselves and you take them without a second thought.

I’d say the majority of work involved with a portrait shoot is in the planning.  Numerous emails, phone calls and shooting logistics need to be nailed down in advance, because more often than not once shooting commences you sometimes have a matter of minutes with a subject.  This is often the case with busy television and sports personalities who whose spare time on location can be limited.

I was fortunate enough to have photographed the portraits of these snooker legends not so long ago during the Masters at Alexandra Palace in January, with the likes of Steve Davis, Ken Doherty, Stephen Hendry, John Parrott, Cliff Thorburn and Jimmy White all being very lovely and up for it.

Plenty more faces I want to add to this project so hopefully I’ll get the chance later in the year, and like I say it’s all in the planning!