What outfit choice should you bring to a shoot?

This is a really important consideration ahead of a shoot.  The most important thing is not to just put a load of random t-shirts into a bag and hope for the best!

It’s always good to bring a few choices.  Even though in the style that I photograph is against darker backgrounds doesn’t mean that a black top wouldn’t work, quite the opposite.

Dark works great (check out my portfolio) , but bring some bright colours too, it all depends on the final look you want from your finished images.  Formal, casual, moody, light, the choice is yours and I will be on hand to advise in advance and come the day.  Bring a selection and make sure everything is ironed and looking good for when you arrive.





Hair and Makeup.

Think about the look you want to show in your final images.

Makeup and hair should ideally be done ahead of the shoot as it will save time on the day and give you one less thing to have to do.  Again, just give it thought.  If you are an actor or dancer how would you normally style your makeup and hair it for an audition say?

In my own personal opinion as a portrait photographer, less is more with makeup, and keeping it neutral works well.  If you are a performer you won’t need full stage makeup and which can look too heavy in images I find.

If you’d like to I offer a package where I supply a hair and makeup artist where you just turn up and then they work with you to get the look you’d like before the photo session begins.   For more information on this please get in touch via my contact page.